[dropcap style=””]L[/dropcap]ast week, we visited Cartagena (Murcia), a beautiful city full of history and outstanding tourist attractions. After a trip of 1 hour by car (from where we live to Cartagena), we finally got to explore this historical city, whose streets, corners and squares made us feel like we were getting back in time.  
We stopped to visit the Ancient Roman Theatre. This is actually an amazing restoration just behind the main street in Cartagena, behind the town hall. It might sound insane, but we could not see this Roman Theatre from the main street and no one would believe there was something behind those walls. Well, yes, after passing the main entrance we discovered a totally different world, a wonder from the past. 
The pictures we uploaded say it all. Huge monuments, walls, and long stairs combined with a warm and nice day. 
If you get to visit Cartagena, you must stop by the Roman Theatre for a flavour of history. 

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