Huge strawberries and one hell of a breakfast

Huge strawberries and one hell of a breakfast







This is what I am having for breakfast most of the days. I normally have a cup of plain non flavoured Greek yogurt in which I like to add as many kinds of fruits as possible. Today, I have added four giant strawberries, some grapes cut into halves and one kiwi. Of course, I never forget to add just a little bit of honey. Honey makes the yogurt creamier and shiny. I love it this way!

If I am too hungry cause I did not eat very well the night before, I normally add 30 gr. of whole wheat cereals. Well, to be honest, I am really hungry in the mornings, because I always eat dinner very early. Yes, I know, I got used to the habit of having dinner not too late in the night. On the other hand, they say it is better to manage to take your breakfast at similar hours early in the morning and make a routine of that. It is TRUE! Having breakfast (especially everyday at the same time) gives you more energy and strength.

However, those huge strawberries really filled my stomach! Now I have enough energy to start a new day, follow the schedule and work out properly in the evening!

P.S Don’t forget to eat at least 5 different fruits a day and follow the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”.

ByeBye Babies!

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