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Walking along the coast

[dropcap style=””]H[/dropcap]i guys! Beautiful day to spend with my husband! Last weekend, we decided to keep calm and spend a normal Sunday without any trips or adventure journeys. Well,  we spent the day walking almost 20 km by the coast of Torrevieja (Alicante) ending more tired than after a whole working week. Haha!

We walked down the beach and wandered around having no direction or target. Of course, the weather helped us also as there were like 22 degrees. It looked like a real Summer day.

Sun, beach, rocks and a long walking turned out to be the perfect mix for a normal quiet Sunday. At the end, we ended up really tired, but a good coffee in a proper coffee shop restored our energy again. Thanks God those Nike sneakers helped me keep up with the pace and really protected my feet! 

Regarding the locations, we created our own route from where we live up to the city centre.

TIP : get a pair of running shoes when you are planning a long walking. Your feet will thank you!

That’s all for now..

Byebye Babies!




  • So pleased to finally find a good blog based in Torrevieja!
    I’ll be back over in April – counting down the days already 🙂

    • Thank you Christy! We really appreciate your comment. Please let me know when you come by so we could meet.
      I would love to share some thoughts with you and take you for a tour of nice places in Torrevieja.
      Contact me when you get here. Talk to you soon! Xxoxo

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