Unique festival Las Fallas in Valencia

Unique Festival- no one should miss it

Las Fallas is for sure one of the most unique and crazy festivals in Spain. The main point of attraction of this fiesta is the creation and the destruction of the puppets or dolls, known also as ” the ninots”.

We spent only half a day in Valencia, although we should have stayed there like 3 days in order to enjoy all the attractions related to this Spanish festival. Paradoxically, we have been living in Spain for 6 years, but never got the chance to go to this precious city especially for Las Fallas.

Well, last weekend on Sunday, we woke up with the ides of visiting Valencia during the best part of the year. We had our breakfast, took Chulo for a walk and prepared ourselves for the journey. We knew it would be a real journey, as Valencia’s town hall declared they were expecting a huge amount of people.  We jumped on our Smart and started our journey. After two hours and a half we arrived in Valencia, where most of the streets were closed..Of course, a normal and expectable thing for a day during Las Fallas.

After a while, we parked the Smart and walked like 3 kms to the spot where almost all the puppets were presented. Nice weather though! Starving and being hot, we run into the best pizza restaurant we found on a tiny street. 



Besides the burning of the ninots, we experienced different sorts of activities. During the day, we enjoyed an extensive roster of bullfights, parades and paella contests around the city.


It turned out to be a mega experience and we really enjoyed this quite weird and crazy fiesta. The thing is that we really liked it. We must admit Valencia is a beautiful city! Do not miss it!


unique festivalIn the following article I will reveal the brand of my funny, trendy, super yellow and transparent sunglasses. Bye bye for now!


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