Discover Oslo insights part one

Oslo – a beautiful place to visit and to live in!


This is just a part of what Oslo offers to its visitors and people. Resumed in a few words, Oslo is full of beautiful monuments, attractions, high quality of life and well-behaved people, all these in a green environment. We started our Easter holidays in one of the best park we’ve visited ever – Vigeland Park, the world’s largest sculpture park. It is funny, but full of history also.

oslo vigeland

oslo vigeland

Have a look at this video to get a different view of Oslo’s huge sculpture park. Filmed with a drone and edited by Arvid Lie. All credit to him!

Another important point of attraction which we also visited on the first day it was Holmenkollen Ski Tower, a ski jump with a history of more than 100 years. Here you have some good pictures which resemble its humble beginnings and how it looks today:

oslo ski jump

oslo part one

Let’s continue with our list of attractions!

A place you should not miss in Oslo is the The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet, a certified eco-lighthouse and the biggest Norwegian opera which gathers festivals and concerts. Moreover, it offers 1969 seats divided into three stages.

discover oslo

oslo insights

-panoramic views of Oslo and the fjord-

Furthermore, our second day in Oslo was a whole day of visiting museums. We crossed the sea with a ferry and landed in Bygdøy, another gorgeous part of Oslo. Basically, we only needed to buy a ticket for the ferry. Then, after 15 minutes we were on the other part of the big Oslo.

oslo insights

Fram Museum or The Polar Ship Fram and Viking Museum were two of the most entertaining museums we have ever visited!

 oslo fram

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Denim 728x90

oslo viking

 More attractions and other activities to do in Oslo in the next post!

oslo me


Sources: www.visitoslo.com

Credits: Arvid Lie for the video

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