What to visit, where to have your breakfast and where to do your shopping in Oslo

climb to get views

It is true that you need to climb Olso to get the best views, but first, let’s talk about FOOD!

The best way to start the day is having breakfast at Hos Victoria Cafe&Tapas If you are in Oslo, do not miss this spot! For good food, music and a cosy environment make sure you visit this place on Nordstrandveien 32, Oslo. They managed to bring a small part of the Spanish culture in their city and they did a great job!

climb oslo

climb views

Moreover, while having our breakfasts and brunches at Victoria Angell’s Coffee shop  we filled ourselves so much with delicious meals based on her own recipes. This is what we actually had for breakfast…oh my God! You’ll get water in your mouths when you look at this for sure!

oslo part two

climb oslo

hos victoria
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futur oslo

We have another recommendation for you. Visit FUTUR Store, a brand new concept store in Oslo known for its exclusive and unique streetwear fashion. Stop there for the popular Grillz teeth. Thomas Angell and Eleonora Si-Lang will guide you into this free mind culture & trend.

Climb and walk as much as you can to burn some calories

It is always better to do some exercises after eating more than you normally, especially when you are on holiday. So we did! We ate more than we should, but we also burned some calories. We walked more or less 40 kms in 4 days..well, good enough since we were on holiday.

climb oslo
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Sciabola champagne in Norway

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