love makes a family


love makes a family


Love makes a family!

For all the good moments we spent together and the entire love I carry you! We stared our journey together when we were very young, 10 years ago, back in 2007. It still feels like yesterday! We were so young and innocent, but we had our dreams together and followed each other everywhere. However, like all couples, we experienced good and bad moments together, but we got to the conclusion that love makes a family. We are a family now and we care for each other very much! We started and finished high school together, we studied together, we left Romania and started a new life in Spain together and we learned Spanish together. It is great to be young and happy, but it is better to have someone who loves you by your side and share those moments with him. Moreover, we went on holidays together when we were only 16 years old and we started to make plans for the future at the age of 19. All these 10 years have been an awesome journey and I would experience them again with the person I love.

These are some of the thousands pictures we have together from 2007 until now.

We were so funny, young  and innocent and we looked so different!

love makes a family




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