incredible benefits of potatoes

Incredible benefits of potatoes

1. Potatoes help brain health

Potatoes contain a coenzyme that help the brain health. It is said that they are really good and have beneficial and incredible benefits on people with Alzheimer disease. Moreover, if you are a migraine person, eat potatoes in a healthy way as much as you can.

benefits of potatoes

2. Potatoes regulate blood pressure

Potatoes will help you ensure a health blood pressure if you will eat them in a healthy way, like: boiled, cooked and mashed, but do not eat them fried or mixed with other greasy and unhealthy junk food.

incredible benefits of potatoes

3. Potatoes relive the premenstrual symptoms

Women, read this! It might seem strange, but according to scientists, potatoes relieve the premenstrual symptoms. Because of their high carbohydrate content, the levels of tryptophan and seretonin production will increase and you will feel way better. The secret is to drink potatoes juice.

incredible potatoes benefits

4. Potatoes help digestion

Potatoes contain lots of fiber and fiber supports digestion. Studies have shown that potatoes are really good as they contain lots of potassium  and minerals. These minerals are lost when diarrhea appears, so the first thing we need to do is to eat potatoes as soon as possible. Potatoes can help quick recovery from it.

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5. Potatoes help sleep better

As we already said it before, potatoes contain potassium and they increase the levels of tryptophan. Potassium ensures a good sleep as it is a muscle relaxant, while tryptophan is a sedative. Eat potatoes for dinner, but try to stick to the healthy way of cooking them!

In conclusion, apart from being tasty, potatoes have many benefits when cooked in a healthy way!