miraculous benefits of persimmons

Miraculous benefits of Persimmons

Persimmons are red-brown and orange fruits that look like small tomatoes. They are really good for our health and they have so many benefits!

1.  Prevent cancer


Persimmons are full of anti-cancer agents. They are also full of Vitamin C and A which are connected to preventing different types of cancer and diseases. Add persimmons to you daily fruit intake to avoid many types of cancer.

We are all afraid of cancer and how it might change our bodies, so why not start to eat these delicious little fruits as soon as possible?

2. Boost immunity and help digestion


Due to the presence of Vitamin C, persimmons help your immunity. In case you did not know, persimmons provide the 80% of the daily requirement of Vitamin C.

Regarding digestion, a single serving of persimmon provides 20% of the daily requirement of fiber and we know fiber goes hand in hand with the digestive tract. Moreover, persimmons relieve constipation symptoms.

3. Control blood pressure


It is important that when you have blood pressure you have a well balanced diet and a good First Aid Training Kit with all the right medications. This will help ensure that you stay prepared. In addition, the high quantity of potassium that can be found in persimmons, the latter helps lower blood pressure. They contain many vasodilating compounds that prevent different heart diseases.

How to eat persimmons?

You can add persimmons to your sweet breakfasts, but also to lunches and dinners. Persimmons have a great taste in salty dishes mainly because of their sweetness that creates a balance.

  • smoothies
  • desserts
  • salads
  • mashed or cooked (as a side dish)

Now you know! Persimmons give you a great intake of vitamin C and potassium and they have only a few calories.

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