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Ladies! Try these Footwear Designs!

Women and shoes..the perfect match! 2018 has started, so we need to stay tuned to the latest trends. Today’s article is on FOOTWEAR DESIGNS!

1. Jellies or the well-known plastic sandals

footwear trends

We all know the famous jellies and I’m sure many of you would not dare to wear these shoes not even once in your life.
You might find them strange, awkward or stupid, but the plastic sandals rock!
They are comfortable, easy to wear and cheap also! You can match them with jeans, skirts or dresses!
Advantage: endless number of colors and styles!

2. Sneakers

Sneakers of any style are back in trends this year! Leather or furry, white or colored, shops are full of them. They sell better than high heels and of course, they are way more easy to wear.

Wear them with jeans or dresses for the whole day! For a more clean look, wear them with trousers and oversized blouses.

3. Boots

There’s a new trend of the BOOTS!
They are no longer the typical shoes that we used to wear many years ago. This year, boots have gained an eccentric and extravagant footwear design.
There are so many models this year.. Red boots, combat boots, bejeweled knee-high boots are the most wanted shoes at the moment!
Here you have some samples:
footwear designs
footwear designs
footwear designs
footweear designs

4. Mules

Mules are funny, trendy and useful! Try any color with any kind of outfit.
They look good on anyone and most of the fashion brand adopted them since last year!
This year, mules are back in trends. If you have not had the courage to wear them yet, now it’s the time!

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