food trends
These are the main food trends that will dominate in 2018! There are trends in fashion and beauty, but now it´s time to discover the trends in food, too.
Latest news in gastronomy, no matter your culture! Master chefs will focus more on plating and the aesthetic appearance of the meals. This is what we will experience in restaurants this year:
1. Flowers
They will definitely not add any taste to the plate, but they will bring dessign and color to your food. People enjoy food when it looks nice also.
2. Regionality
This year, master chefs will focus more on regional food. The use of natural and culture specific dishes is a trend in 2018.
3. Condiments and dressings
There is a  food trend expected for this year which focuses on the unique use of condiments and dressings. People need to change their way of cooking and eating. They need to start a new life and eat differently. We need to add different scents and flavours to our food and season our meals in a unique way.
4.Natural farm-based products
We also need to switch from our behaviors and use more farm-based products. In this way, we will be helping small producers, too. This year, try to eat more fresh and natural vegetables and fruits. Try to buy them from your local producers, not from the supermarkets!

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