Top trips in Riviera Maya Mexico

T[dropcap style=””]T[/dropcap]op trips in Riviera Maya Mexico is my new post. I decided to write about the top trips and what to visit in Riviera Maya, Mexico as we have just came back from our honeymoon in paradise.

Riviera Maya is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. It is known for the clear waters, long beaches, Maya culture and spicy food.
This is our top of excursions to book when you arrive there:

1. Sian Ka´ an

A gorgeous area of natural beauty, full of thousands of species of flora and fauna! This natural biosphere reserve (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986) is one of the most beautiful places in the world!
You should not miss the change of visiting it!

2. Follow a Mayan Route

Visit any of the Mayan villages around all Riviera Maya. This is one of the best experience you could get. You will get to talk to the original maya people, eat with them and even spend a whole night in their village. Be aware you might not have the same comfort as in your resort, but you should give it a try! Only 12 hours of electricity, no internet, no mobile devices or any other facility!

3. Chichen Itza

I have chosen Chichen Itza as one of the top tripsin Riviera Maya, because it is the most important step pyramid which dates from 600 AD. Located in Mexico´s Yucatán peninsula, Chichen Itza is a Pre-Hispanic city also declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Moreover, it was recently declared one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, mainly because of its sophisticated geometry and massive steps.

4. Ek Balam

This is also a Yucatec-Maya archaeological site at only 56 km far from Chichen Itza. While Chichen Itza is closed and cannot be climbed, at Ek Balam you are free to do whatever you want.

top trips in Riviera Maya


Top trip in Riviera Maya because it´s one of the most adventurous natural park in the world! XPLOR is a jungle adventure park with zip-lining, amphibious vehicles, rafting & underground rivers. It´s insane!

top trips in Riviera Maya

top trips in Riviera Maya

top trips in Riviera Maya

There are loads of other attractions and excursions which you must not miss if you travel to Mexico, but this is our top 5 trips for adventurous people.

Hugs and Kisses and do not forget : Paradise is waiting for you!

top trips in Riviera Maya