My wish list of beaches to visit

Wish list? Yes!

Beach lover? Yes!

I have not chosen my beach destination for the holidays yet..but summer is just around the corner! I wanted to share with you my wish list of beaches to visit this year!

For me, these are the most beautiful and popular beaches in Europe that I have not visited yet ⇓

1.  Praia dos galapinhos – PORTUGAL

This beach is considered one of the cleanest beach with the clearest waters in Europe!Located in Portugal, this relaxing place is truly a paradise! Know also as the pearl of Portugal, Praia dos Galapinhos is an amazing natural beach with white sand and it can definitely be considered one of the best beaches in Europe.

2. Canal d’amour – GREECE

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This is the most special and the most known beaches in Corfu island. It is situated between Sidari and Peroulades, in the northern coast of the island. This beach allows a lot of space for adults and children alike to explore the grounds with Metal detecting shovel. A fun activity that everyone here enjoys. Canal d’ amour is the most important attraction of the island; it is a natural canal made of a series of impressive rock formations.

3. Ballota Beach – ASTURIAS (SPAIN)

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Naturally bordered by a small, rocky barrier, this beach is located in Asturias, Spain. With a crystal-clear water and spectacular views of the natural surroundings, this beach is truly considered the most beautiful beach in the northern part of Spain.

This is my wish list of beaches to visit this year! Not too bad 🙂 Hope to get to these places by the end of this year! Have you chosen your summer destination?

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