Did you know coffee is actually a fruit? Coffee is a cherry-like berry that grows on bushes and it is considered a bean because it looks like it.

5 ways to make your coffee healthier


Go for coffee produced without any chemical substances! NO to pesticides and additives !
What does organic coffee refers to? It shows that the farmer’s fertilizer is 100% organic and the coffee is produced on a land that was given sufficient time to detoxify.
coffee healthier


Too much coffee is supposed to dehydrate our bodies. A glass of water is recommended just before and after having a cup of coffee in order to prevent dehydration.




Adding milk or any dairy product to your cup of coffee might damage your fitness program! LOL!

Try to stick to a black coffee, instead of a white one. Go for black coffee! It is hard, but you will get used to it. You will definitely enjoy it after almost a week. I’ve recently cut out sugar and dairy from coffee and I’ve managed to really like black and pure coffee!




For a nicer taste add some cinnamon. Cinnamon gives a better taste to the black coffee and it also supports the cardiovascular health. Go natural and healthy!

coffee healthier

Follow these tips and you will feel way better! And do not forget to hydrate yourself when drinking too much coffee.


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