sneakers and coffee

sneakers coffee days

sneakers and coffee

sneakers and coffee

sneakers and coffee

Sneakers coffee days? Why this head title? Well, I have chosen this title as these two words are very representative for this period of the year: September!

I really love this month since we can still wear dresses, short trousers or skirts. I also love the combination between dresses and sneakers!

Is there any better combination than a rainy day and a cup of coffee in the month of September?

There is a really nice coffee shop and bakery close to where we live, so I presumed a mug of coffee would always be welcomed. I grabbed my Mango dress and Zara red sneakers, I put my fave jewelries on and headed to the bakery.

What to do in a rainy day if you do not want to stay indoor watching movies? You could have your breakfast with coffee in a nice coffee shop, take really nice pictures and spend time with friends or family.

That’s the best way to keep doing things and move around the city in a rainy day.


Chew Chew my content guys! Talk to you soon!




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