Author: Roxana Similea

CAN SUENO (Alicante Spain), the best place to be in terms of food, host, landscapes and beautiful company! Again, after a year, I start to write about this beautiful place, known a

Strong is power! Strong means power! Live your life, say yes to challenges and do not stop discovering your abilities as much as you can. My outfit for today: leather trousers, sat

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword. (John Ray) Hi guys! Smile is one the best thing that could happen to us in our lives. It is the simplest action we can make that brings loads

These are the main food trends that will dominate in 2018! There are trends in fashion and beauty, but now it´s time to discover the trends in food, too. Latest news in gastronomy

ROXY’S CHRONICLES PART I I was not sure if I wanted to make this diary public, as it will contain most of my thoughts, memories and everyday life activities. Today, the 19th

If you have not tried kale yet, now may be the time. Kale is for sure one of the healthiest and most nutritious plant foods in the world. Its health benefits have been guaranteed b

    Love makes a family! For all the good moments we spent together and the entire love I carry you! We stared our journey together when we were very young, 10 years ago,

Summer time!  Activate yourself with these products Summer is here and so the best beauty products, too. Stay lean, eat healthy and use the beauty products that make you shine! BR